What is a Football Index?

You may have seen Football Index being advertised recently and wondered what it was all about…

In a nutshell, Football Index is a stockmarket based on the success of football players.

Every player has a value which you can buy shares in them for and this can increase or decrease depending on a number of factors which range from performances on the pitch to transfer speculation.

Buying shares in a player is something that you would look to do if you feel in the future they are going to get a big move or go on a fantastic run of form, which are usually things that would see an increase in the players value. The more shares bought in a player, the higher that players share price goes.

Why use Football Index?

Well for starters it makes watching football much more interesting and it gives you the opportunity to back someone you like the look of on the football pitch.

You can watch games from random European leagues in the hope of spotting a new talent and cashing in on them or you can watch games to see how players are performing that you are currently invested in and deciding whether to buy more shares, stick with what you have or sell at the current prices.

It is a much more interesting way of investing money. You might place a normal football bet and stake £20 and it could lose in minutes. With Football Index, you would only see your investment lower slightly as there might be a decrease in a players price by a number of pence per share but it also has the ability to rise back up again.

There is definitely the potential to make money on players long term if you feel you can spot a talent and have a knack of being able to predict how a player is getting on.

The money will be made from the players performances and generating interest and also from dividends paid by Football Index.

There are media dividends, match day dividends and in-play dividends. A dividend is a fixed payout on shares held in your portfolio of players.

How to make money on Football Index

There are different ways to do this. The key is buying shares in a player and selling at a profit.

You could buy 10 shares in a player at £2 per share and he scores a hat trick in the following game and all of a sudden he rises to £2.20 per share and you have a value of £22 shares in that player and have made a nice 10% profit.

The media buzz also factors into things. An example of this was recently there was a surge in Hakim Ziyech’s price once it was announced he would be moving to Chelsea in the summer. All of a sudden the chance to further enhance his reputation in one of the biggest league’s in the world meant people wanted a piece of the pie so to speak and started to get shares whilst his cost was still relatively low.

Another good example would be a player like James Maddison. He had a rapid rise in popularity with his performances and then breaking into Leicester’s side as well as national team inclusions with England. He is constantly being linked with moves to huge clubs as well which furthers interest in him. Below is a chart on Football Index which shows you his growth over the last year…

As you can see, at the time of writing (17/02/20) he has more than doubles in value in the space of 1 year. In late March 19 Maddison was approximately £2 per share. So a £20 purchase price of 10 shares at that cost would now be able to be sold for £4.43 per share. Football Index take 2% of any sale which is minimal and fair and based on the above you would have more than doubled your money which is a fantastic investment.

It is very fun and if you can make some cash along the way then it makes it even better.

I suppose one way of thinking about it is being very similar to fantasy football. You might see a team has a run of good fixtures so you bring in the main goalscorer, if he does as you think and goes and scores plenty of goals, his value rises on fantasy football with the more people that are bringing the player into their team, only on Football Index the value is rising for real money and not “fantasy” money!

How do I get started and do they have any sign up offers?

Football Index have a fantastic sign up offer available & to top it off, feel free to tweet @bettingvillage and ask for recommendations of some players to invest into!

When you sign up here: https://bit.ly/38rNjGn

You can deposit up to £500 risk free! If within 7 days you decide that you don’t enjoy Football Index, you can have your deposit returned up to the value of £500.

18+ Begambleaware, terms and conditions apply, new customer offer only.

To request your refund simply email Football Index via [email protected] within 7 days of your first deposit and a customer support representative will provide you with instructions on liquidating your portfolio. Once this process is complete, Football Index will refund any losses and commission up to a maximum of £500 within 48 hours.